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Heating system & installation

Paint job


Sponsoring a bed pod

Drain Surgeons
Tel: 0118 336 1983

Sponsoring a bed pod

Paul Aspel Construction

0118 984 5774


Bed pod 8

Paul from for supplying day care for Siana & Michaels daughter so they can take time to run the project, also for providing the use of a minibus.

​And sponsoring a bed Pod

Bed pod 7

David manager Acre road site

brought all 4 of the reading sites together to Supply all the materials to build the beds for The Ark

Dave Thomas

ABC Canal boat hire

Aldermaston wharf


​0118 9714123


The Ark Project.

Bed pod 5

Seven Sixty  for sponsoring a bed pod


Bed pod 3

Your name here...£25 a week 

We'd like to thank Mark Tongue & James O'Malley owners of Select car leasing who paid for the bus

Thanks for supplying staff, transport.

Bed pod 2

Thanks Val from changing lives charity shop Didcot for donation £6000 to buy and fit out the van for the shower unit

​£25 a week will get a homeless person a safe place off the streets AND INTO A 18 MONTH RESIDENTIAL REHAB IF NEEDED

Reading Gossip Girls

​Sponsroed a bed pod

Thanks for supplying us with an awning worth over £1000! 

Thames Water, Claire Iredale, £5000 GRANT to supply clean water, showers and toilets for the homeless.

Doors by

Your name here...£25 a week 

Become a sponsor and partner with us to put an end to rough sleeping & DRUG ADDICTION

Paul & Kerry Beckley


Bed pod 9

Sponsoring a bed pod

Bed pod 1

Paul & Kerry Beckley


Bed pod 6

Businesses or private individuals can Sponsor a pod for £25 a week, or yearly for £1200 and get the pod named after you or your business, also receive regular updates on the people you have helped by paying for them to have a place on the bus, warm food, showers, and all the help they need to get sorted incudling a residential rehab! need more info? email

Bed pod 4