We had the vision for The Ark project, years of trying to get support for the vision, we eventually put a team together of old friends,

Dave Solway an old friend from the 90s, Dave had been in care and homeless many times, slept in bins rooms! done drugs! and felt abandonment to the max! but still he answered the call for help last December and hasen't left the project since, having designed & built most of the carpentry, helped paint the bus and shape the vision, Dave has become a trustee a great personal friend and major part of the project.

David Thomas, An old friend and associate from the old days! David answered the call for help in January and has been with us ever since, painting the bus, supplying and fitting the top of the range heating system and electrics, David has become an ambassador for the people we are seeking to help, and a personal adviser.

currently we have a bus in -Reading with plans for oxford - basingstoke - slough - southampton

Sara Rogers

Charity Trustee Treasurer 

Mobile 07854 481 266


Siana Longsmith, "My best mate" having meet Siana while we were both going through hard times, I felt God was all over it! Siana always prayed through her hard times, and God put us together, all my life id searched for Siana, just as i gave up, feeling very low i met her, and the rest is in the book! Siana has a heart of Gold and great patience to put up with me! having been with the project from the early days of conception Siana has helped shape the entire project.

"As humans we are called to love, forgive, and show compassion, even in the hardest of circumstances, we can dig deep into our souls, push aside all the world throws at us and choose to love when we want to hate, forgive when we want revenge and show compassion when our thoughts shout out "its not my problem!" Michael Longsmith Founder Chairman The Ark Project

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed.

David Thomas

Board Member


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The Ark Project needs your support, its not finished yet and we need help to make the vision come to reality...


volunteer for us and make the difference in the lives of the needy. Find out how to become our partner.

Siana Longsmith

Chair Trustee



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Dave Solway

Trustee & Design & Build

Sara Rogers

Trustee Treasurer

The caap team

Michael Longsmith

Founder CEO

Michael Longsmith, bold, bolshie, arrogant with a heart of gold! having spent his entire life from 11 to 40 in and out of establishments Michael has a certain way about him, not everyone likes him, but lots love him, and his intentions are good, working on his arrogance and management style Michael hopes to get things done while making friends along the way, a life of crime Michael eventually found a way out, he found Jesus and rest is history....read the book 

Foundation History

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Int +44 118 449 2343

Free helpline 0800 772 0318

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Board Member

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Sara Rogers, known since the 90s, Sara came to our rescue during our early fundraising by donating so we reached our target, since then Sara has been at the heart of the project both physically and emotionally, Sara is an amazing mother of 2 great kids and gives lots of her spare time overseeing the financial side of the project as Trustee Treasurer.