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our Camera on the streets, get a real life view of whats really going on.

The Bus..........

10 Beds..heating..warm food..showers..No one needs to sleep in a doorway!

did you know people are dying on our streets? get a real life view of whats really going on.

The Ark Project is a bus we have converted into a mobile resource centre to be parked up in Town during the day as a safe place people can come to and get help for bullying, domestic abuse, depression, debt, substance addiction and housing issues. It has 10 beds upstairs & will double up as place for the homeless to sleep and get the help they need, It will convoy with an ex prison van that is being converted into a shower & toilet unit.... also in tow will be a food trailer “burger van”, We plan to run the bus 365 but this is totally dependable on continued financial support in the form of corporate sponsors and charity funding grants.

We understand people have drug and alcohol addictions and would like to offer those with such problems the help they need to beat the addiction, we intend on becoming a refuge for the lost and needy including sufferers of domestic abuse, and to become known as a place where people can get help, support, and guidance, together with a hot meal, change of clothes, shower, and a safe warm bed.

There will be a NO Alcohol, No Drugs rule and anyone wanting to access the bus may be asked to undergo a search, people already high, or drunk will be assessed accordingly.

We will be offering counselling and social support, intent on getting to the root cause of the issues that caused them to become homeless, addicted, depressed... once identified we will put a program in place utilising the local support centres, and charities already well established in Reading.

For serious drug alcohol addicts we will offer a FREE drug & alcohol rehab for those wanting to break free from their addictions, this will be supported housing in a Christian rehab which can last up to 18 months, transportation and financial support will be given to those that can show they are “fighting” to beat their addictions, If successful and when ready to leave the rehab we will offer a “next stage” support service, providing supported housing, employment and place in a loving, supporting church.

Community Action Ark Project have a wider vision to provide housing using converted shipping containers, coach trips to the seaside, theme parks & holidays for less fortunate families and individuals including the elderly often forgotten and left in nursing homes or at home lonely, this will be done using a coach and minibus we aim to purchase, the theme parks & holiday costs will be met via cooperate sponsorship, grants, or personal donations.

Our goal is to bring the community together with love and a caring kindness not very often seen in today's busy commercialised world.

So often we can get caught up in our own troubles and distractions often preventing the more privileged amongst us from "seeing" the issues so prevalent in our community, one easy identifiable "issue" is homelessness, that's why we are tackling this issue first and hope to gain enough support to move on to the wider issues such as, poverty, drug & alcohol addictions, abuse including domestic and not forgetting lowliness! we will also create an "adopt a granny or granddad" scheme for the elderly that have no family or friends to keep them company or just pop by to have a chat and a cuppa with....

There are so many things Community Action Ark Project will accomplish that will benefit our community and those far and wide as we branch out taking each town at a time, however we really need the support from local and national companies & grants such as the Lotto, also personal commitments including very important volunteers...without you none of this is possible.. this is only the you want to get on board? its an exciting project with lots of fun, caring, loving & devoted people all trying to put something back into their community, join our family and make a real difference in someones life. email your interest to